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Soft Quadro

If you have GeForce256, GeForce2 GTS, GeForce2 MX, GeForce3 based graphics card you can turn you card into professional solution by using hacked Soft Quadro drivers. NVIDIA produces chips for both gaming and professional markets. GeForce based card are for the games. Quadro cards go for professional market. Physically they are the same GeForce256, GeForce2 MX, GeForce2 GTS and GeForce3 chips. The only differences between Quadro and GeForce are amount of onboard video memory, clock frequencies and device IDs. NVIDIA uses this trick to segment the market and increase profits. Quadro and GeForce cards have different IDs. Detonator drivers use ID-based algorithm to compute internal driver capability code. OpenGL driver uses this code to select optimization strategy and disable some hardware capabilities on non-Quadro boards. RivaTuner modifies NVIDIA Detonator drivers before installation in order to unlock Quadro specific features on non-Quadro boards. It can turn your GeForce into Quadro without any resistor tricks and BIOS modifications. It just forces Detonators to ignore device ID and report strictly forced internal capability code regardless of detected hardware. Game performance of Quadro is somehow lower than GeForce performance. Only professional programs experience performance boost with Quadro. You can use Soft Quadro with 14.40 - 21.xx versions of Detonators. Newer versions of drivers are not supported at this moment.


Fig 01. GLInfo.

Finally RivaTuner can optimize registry settings for particular application and of course it has 3D Studio MAX optimization settings. Read RivaTuner documentation carefully and do what it says to achieve the goal.


Fig 02. RivaTuner.

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