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Day Two: Animation

MAX animation system is based on the use of key-frames. To create basic animation you need to move to the certain frame, change object position, color, size or any other animatable parameter. MAX will automatically generate all frames in between during playback by parameters interpolation between key-frames. If you work with a 1000 frames animation you don't have to set all parameters for each frame.

Sphere on the Table

Fig 01. Sphere on the Table

Press Animate button at the lower right corner of the interface. By doing this you tell MAX to consider all further changes in the scene as animation.


Fig 02. Animate

Current frame has 0 number. Type 49 in the frame number field. From now on current frame is 49.

Frame 49

Fig 03. Frame 49

Now we will change position of the sphere. Open Move Transform Type-In window by right-clicking on Select and Move button.

Move Transform Type-In

Fig 04. Move Transform Type-In

and move sphere 90 centimeters to the left. MAX will create all other positions of the sphere between frames 0 and 49. These two frames are now key-frames. To check on movement of the sphere press Animate button again and type any number between 0 and 49 in the number of the frame field.

Moving Sphere Left

Fig 05. Moving Sphere Left

Moving Sphere Left

Fig 06. Moving Sphere Left

Now move to the frame 100.

Frame 100

Fig 07. Frame 100

We will move sphere back to the original position.

Moving Sphere Right

Fig 08. Moving Sphere Right

Moving Sphere Right

Fig 09. Moving Sphere Right

Press play button to watch simple animation we've just created.

Play Animation

Fig 10. Play Animation

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