Rhinoceros 3D 1.1

Прошло чуть больше года после предыдущего релиза и, наконец, 15 декабря 1999 года компания Robert McNeel & Associates выпустила в свет следующую версию своей широко известной программы Rhinoceros 3D, которая стала популярной благодаря низкой цене и мощному набору инструментов для работы с NURBS поверхностями. Изменения коснулись всех аспектов работы программы. Continue reading “Rhinoceros 3D 1.1”

Lavatory Pan

At the time of early school years my friends and I have been taking pleasure by coming up with catchy names for über devices marrying down-to-earth functions with futuristic and often tasteless options. One of these imaginary appliances had a combination of toilet bowl, high-end sound system and ability to propel itself on rough terrain. We’ve called it “Self-propelled Stereophonic Lavatory Pan”. Almost a decade later I’ve spend some 300 hours during 9 months period to create a visual representation of this device. Image got attention on the interwebs as well as in press and spent some time in top charts on the Russian sites dedicated to 3D graphics. Image also was featured on official Assembly 2002 DVD. Later it was published in now discontinued Bikini magazine.

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