Fuck for Life!

Persons that have successfully recovered from COVID-19 disease now have specific antibodies in their blood and other bodily fluids which provide at least some level of immunity against recurrent contraction of the said illness. Transfusion of the plasma harvested from recoveries has already proven as a quite effective measure to boost one’s ability to fight the fuck off SARS-CoV-2 pathogen at the gates. In a short while overloaded health care systems around the world won’t be able to provide medical assistance to the masses and people scared shitless will inevitably look for a ways to strengthen their unprepared immune systems in all sorts of DIY styles that may be considered wild, weird and even crazy by some prudes. Since the antibodies can be readily found in saliva and other bodily fluids, the only real alternative to healthy lifestyle and very much unattainable plasma or vaccine is to have lots and lots of diverse and unprotected sex with a willing COVID-19 recoverie. For the common folk like me and you it’s the only way to get at least some protection against the virus. Status of the COVID-19 recoverie will be the most coveted and sought after on the dating market in the coming months. Now you know the best pick up line of the year 2020. Please update your Tinder tagline immediately!

Запах фейспалма поутру

Умные люди нынче фейспалмят дни напролёт, что в сложившейся эпидемиологической обстановке совсем не способствует выживанию и передаче своих генов будущим поколениям. Такой отрицательный естественный отбор приведёт к значительному снижению среднего коэффициента интеллекта на планете в ближайшей перспективе. Дивный новый мир уже стучится в дверь, не так ли, доктор Лексус?

You’ve Got Mail

Didn’t quite get your piece of the action hoarding toilet paper at the mall? No worries, mate! Just remove the sticker on your mailbox that says: “No junk mail, leaflets and menus, please!” and your crapper will be all set up for the foreseeable future!

Плавный градиент

Чтобы почём зря не обновлять каждый год радужный флаг, добавляя в него цвета для соответствия изменчивому ландшафту квирской самоидентификации, сделайте уже, наконец, плавный градиент! И обязательно оставьте место для невидимой части спектра!